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Einstein Trader

  • Price: $497
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY
  • Timeframe: M1
  • Growth: -5.9%
  • Monthly: -0.7%

Einstein Trader Statistics

DEMO ACCOUNT: Einstein Trader

Account not updated for a long time Demo account - Einstein Trader

Start date: May 16, 2018

Live broker: Think Markets

Einstein Trader Description

Einstein Trader is a fully automated Forex trading robot that trades practically every single day using a unique scalping strategy with strong filters and a positive reward to risk. It's a safe system that works on up to 3 currency pairs and doesn't use martingale or grid style trading.

Because the EA is automated, it can be used by anyone wanting to invest in Forex and make more money. It’s beginner friendly and requires no trading or technical skills.

The core strategy of the system is designed to work with almost any size account and aims to grow it into a massive fortune.

Einstein Trader is a price action frequent scalper with safety filters. Unlike other high frequency scalpers, it does trade almost every single day, but does not trade out of control.


  • Big profits
  • Low drawdown
  • Safe strategy
  • Trades almost every day
  • 100% automated