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Eklatant Forex Robot

  • Price: $179
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP & USDJPY
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Growth: 701.2%
  • Monthly: 22.2%

Eklatant Forex Robot Statistics

REAL ACCOUNT: Eklatant Forex Robot

Account not updated for a long time Live account - Eklatant Forex Robot

Start date: May 02, 2018

Live broker: FortFs

DEMO ACCOUNT: Eklatant Forex Robot

Account not updated for a long time Demo account - Eklatant Forex Robot

Start date: Jul 12, 2018

Live broker: ThinkMarkets

Eklatant Forex Robot Description

Eklatant Forex Robot is a Forex robot developed by a group of professional traders. The EA is based on various indicators like moving average, CCI, RSI and Stoch. It identifies the perfect trend and analytic trades for you. Eklatant Forex Robot is highly accurate, highly intelligent and highly lucrative robot that is able to make you thousands of dollars per month.


  • Completely set and forget, automated Forex Robot that has the ability of making PROFITABLE and LOW RISK trades while you sit back, and watch how your balance SKYROCKETS!
  • Utilizes superb advanced detection systems to automatically determine specific and profitable breakout opportunities and capitalize on them safely, you won’t suffer a nerve-racking experience.
  • Forget about useless high risk trades that leave your balance completely depleted – Eklatant Forex Robot utilizes powerful Fibonacci levels to set laser-accurate and dynamic trades, for a profitability that you won’t believe!
  • Install. Run the software. Profit. Ditch complicated robots that leave you paralyzed by endless and useless functions!
  • Extremely SAFE – No more “risk bonanza”! This robot is one of the safest in the Forex industry; every trade is like a walk in the park…A whole new level of safety thanks to its advanced winning method that handles risks intelligently!
  • 100% automatic – There’s no need to monitor it the whole day...this leaves more time for you to enjoy yourself and do the things you want to!
  • Generates steady income on autopilot! Let the robot do all the hard work of making decisions while you grab a hot cup of coffee, sit back and watch the Forex fireworks!
  • Operates with Bollinger bands strategy – Proven to work astonishingly well, this strategy is highly used by Forex pros…if they are successful, you’re going to be too!
  • Economic-Uncertainties proof – While other robots backfire in economic uncertainties, Eklatant Forex Robot is able to generate low risk trades, maximizing profits!
  • A never seen before lose ratio: no one can beat the jaw-dropping 3:1 ratio that this software has! This system wins 3 times as much as it loses in a trade!