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Exetor Forex EA

  • Price: $99
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD
  • Timeframe: M5, M30
  • Growth: -99.7%
  • Monthly: -67.9%

Exetor Forex EA Statistics


Account not updated for a long time Live account - Exetor Forex EA

Start date: Aug 12, 2015

Live broker: FortFS


Account not updated for a long time Demo account - Exetor Forex EA

Start date: Sep 16, 2015

Live broker: FXOpen

Exetor Forex EA Description

Why Exetor Forex EA trader?

The main purpose of an automated forex trading system is to help new trader to make profit from forex trading without actually knowing anything about Forex at all.

Today, many new trader like to use an automated trading system in their trading. With these automated trading systems, the trader do not have to require any previous experience or skills, do not involve high risk, do not require hours in front of computer and the most important, it can generate a 6 figure income per year.

Exetor Forex EA is a fully automated trading system which works on EURUSD and GBPUSD. This robot was developed by a team of professional real forex expert . Their vision is to developed a new fully automated trading system that they and other people could actually make a living from and a new piece of forex software which has never been seen before.

Exetor Forex EA is different than other forex EAs because it has very advanced and intelligent strategy build inside. Exetor Forex EA finds the best possibility to increase profits with every trade with combine control features and parameters like max lotsize control and max risk control. Exetor Forex EA able to give a stable positive results on any kind of market condition. That would allow you to use it on real live account without any worries or fear of losing your invested capital because of a couple of losing trades.