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FX-Mega Trend

  • Price: $119
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Growth: 2.1%
  • Monthly: 38.4%

FX-Mega Trend Statistics


Account not updated for a long time Live account - FX - Mega Trend

Start date: Feb 15, 2018

Live broker: No information

FX-Mega Trend Description

FX-Mega Trend EA is one of the best trend EAs on the Market. It is completely automated trading system developed for the Meta trader 4 trading terminal.

If so far you have mainly used scalping forex robots, you would certainly be convinced that they are strongly dependent on broker trading conditions, and that the least spread widening leads to them making rapid losses: losses of your money.

Static entry and exit points often lead to missed profit opportunities and unnecessary account drawdown.

Other tools mistakenly set concrete entry and exit points based on factors not tied to volatility.
FX-Mega Trend EA combines these three profit strategies into a powerful system for trading volatile currency markets successfully.

The EA uses intellectual system of a grid and intellectual system exit, without ST and TP.


  • 100% Automatic!
    No manual interventions required!
  • Broker Protection
    Protects you against unfair brokers and their techniques of deception.
  • Money Management
    Integrated advanced account and money management system.
  • Lifetime Support
    Lifetime support and free updates for all Expert Advisors.
  • Easy Setup
  • High profit & Low risk


The first and most significant recommendation is to trade with reasonable risk. The second recommendation is for the minimum account balance. Since FX-Mega Trend has very low drawdown and its trading strategy is not risky you can start trading with $100 - $200 in your account. Third recommendation - always test the robot on a demo before you switch to real-money trading. If you like the results after this, you may consider using the robot on a real account also.