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  • Price: $269
  • Currency pairs: USDJPY
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Growth: -99.6%
  • Monthly: -9.7%

FXAdept Statistics


Account not updated for a long time Live account - FXAdept

Start date: Nov 17, 2017

Live broker: FXOpen

DEMO ACCOUNT: FXAdept (Stopped because of the broker)

Account not updated for a long time Demo account - FXAdept

Start date: Jun 06, 2018

Live broker: Tickmill


Demo account - FXAdept

Start date: May 17, 2022

Live broker: ThinkMarkets

FXAdept Description

FX Adept EA is a Forex trading system that has a unique ability to get a stable profit every month and at the same time works without Martingale. That is achieved by two basic algorithms that were specially developed for this Forex robot:

  1. 1. Entry point
    The developers have found a fairly accurate pattern by which the system determines the main trend and opens a trade always in the direction of the Market. For that the RSI indicator is being used, but it is used in a non-standard way. The system finds long flat periods according to RSI, when the price is inside the corridor of the boundaries of RSI indicator, and at their breakdown it understands that the trend begins. Carefully selected settings and additional filters allow to open profitable trades with a high probability in the direction of the trend.
  2. 2. Smart support of orders
    The developed algorithm of the support of open trades allows to get the maximal profit in most cases when the system have guessed the direction of the trend and closing trades in profit. Also, there could be a false definition of the entry point, when the Market does not move in the needed direction. In these cases, the smart algorithm of supporting orders, allows to close a trade with a minimum loss / breakeven or in some cases even in profit. The smart support of orders takes into consideration such parameters as: duration of a trade staying in the Market, current profit or loss, activity of the Market movement (volatility), the number and direction of other open orders, readings of the indicators used.

The trading statistics of the EA is on a real account, not a demo. FXAdept system does not have any special requirements to brokers or types of trading accounts. It works successfully on any broker, with any conditions. The minimum recommended deposit is starting from $100, and the leverage can be any. The EA works on USDJPY currency pair.


  • No Martingale
    The EA does not use Martingale. In some cases that makes the system more reliable, and gives a possibility to use a smaller leverage and deposit.
  • No Scalping
    This Forex robot does not use scalping, which makes it reliable and allows to work equally well on any broker. Orders are usually staying in the Market for at least a couple of hours and have TakeProfit up to 100 pips (4-digit).
  • No Grid
    FXAdept does not use the principle of the order grid. That means that the EA does not collect orders, waiting for the Market to move in the right direction, which reduces the possible drawdown.