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  • Price: $299
  • Currency pairs: EURGBP
  • Timeframe: M15
  • Growth: 159.3%
  • Monthly: 20.4%


Live account - FXBlasterPRO

Start date: Mar 17, 2021

Live broker: FortFS


Demo account - FXBlasterPRO

Start date: Jul 24, 2020

Live broker: ThinkMarkets

FXBlasterPRO is an automatic trading system CONSISTENT and PROFITABLE. Great perfomance - verified by Myfxbook.

FXBlasterPRO has a unique and high-efficient trading strategy. FXBlasterPRO has built in 3 different unique stand-alone strategies that make the EA keep getting smarter and smarter concerning the market. It learns when to play and when to wait.

FXBlasterPRO based on different indicator signals, correlated by difficult methods with each other combines the concepts smart trend/grid/hedge/semi-martingale according to risk low/middle/high/combi EA files. One of its advantages is that it uses reinsurance positions (grid strategy).

The trading algorithm of the EA was written in MetaQuotes Language 4 by a team of experienced programmers. The team has more than 10 years experience in trading, researching and developing forex trading software (advisor, indicators, utilities).