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  • Price: $295
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD & AUDUSD
  • Timeframe: Any
  • Growth: -87.3%
  • Monthly: -3.7%

FXConstant Statistics


Account not updated for a long time Live account - FXConstant

Start date: Sep 03, 2019

Live broker: FXOpen


Demo account - FXConstant

Start date: Jan 13, 2023

Live broker: FXOpen

FXConstant Description


FXConstant is your constant key to profitable automated trading for every day!

How the robot works

Our EA uses a principle of the Market analysis developed by us, and does not use any indicators. Special algorithms of the EA directly analyze the nature of price movement. Depending on the specificity of the price movement, a corresponding pattern is being activated.

20 patterns
FXConstant includes 20 independent patterns, which are constantly being compared to current Market conditions. If a pattern finds a match of the Market behavior with its built-in instructions, it is being activated and opens a trade in the necessary direction.

Trade Management
Depending on which of the 20 patterns is activated, the system uses a trade management algorithm that is individual for this pattern. For different patterns, different algorithms are used, indicating the following: when to close a trade, in which direction to open a new trade, and when to finish the trading of a selected pattern.

Pay attention! The EA is designed to trade accurately and carefully. Concerning this, there may be periods when only a few orders are opened in one month. This makes FXConstant very effective in combination with other systems allowing to minimize drawdown overlap.


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