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  • Price: $210 (Special offer)
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY
  • Timeframe: M30
  • Growth: -97.5%
  • Monthly: -30.3%

FXOxygen Statistics


Account not updated for a long time Live account - FXOxygen

Start date: Nov 06, 2017

Live broker: FXOpen

DEMO ACCOUNT: FXOxygen (Stopped because of the broker)

Account not updated for a long time Demo account - FXOxygen

Start date: May 15, 2018

Live broker: Tickmill


Demo account - FXOxygen

Start date: May 28, 2022

Live broker: ThinkMarkets

FXOxygen Description

FXOxygen is a Forex robot that operates automatically 24 hours a day and its only goal is to earn money on your account. With our product you can be sure that you get a reliable and qualitative EA, as it has been very successful in trading on account with real money for more than 20 months!

Why and what for FXOxygen was designed?

We are tired of watching how low-quality and fraudulent EAs are being created and sold by unscrupulous developers in the Forex field.That is why, we decided to exercise the highest degree of responsibility in creating of our EA:

1. The very first thing, we checked our strategy on a backtest for the last 10 years. After all, if the system does not show good results even on a backtest made for many years, what kind of reliability in real trading we can expect. And we were very successful at this point - the system had shown excellent results for all 10 years.

2. In order not to risk money of our clients and not to release under-fulfilled EA, we decided to first use it for a long time ourselves and trade with our own money. After 20 months of a very successful trading with real money, we realized that the main trial had been passed.

Now, when our product has passed all of these tests and trials, we are convinced that high-quality and reliable EA is ready and it is FXOxygen!