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BFS Trident Robot

  • Price: $129
  • Currency pairs: EURUSD
  • Timeframe: M5
  • Growth: -18.7%
  • Monthly: -0.6%

BFS Trident Robot Statistics


Account not updated for a long time Demo account - Trident Robot

Start date: Mar 27, 2015

Live broker: ThinkForex

BFS Trident Robot Description

Advanced trading progress with Dynamic Range Cutting (DRC technology)

There are different intraday trading tactics and breakout strategies are most popular among them. Breakout levels may be based on High and Low of previous days, Pivot points. Some of such intraday strategies sound good, but almost all of them are not sufficient during flat.

Responding to the needs of traders, we have worked out Dynamic Range Cutting technology. It reacts to all market activity and identifies a useful range of volatility for making profits.

BFS Trident Robot sets three pending orders with different profit targets. Why it is so great, let us explain. Imagine you have 3 orders with 10, 20 and 30 pips as profit targets. Price goes by trend and first order is closed with 10 pips. Now, even if a trend reverses, you are already safe with 10 pips! But if trend is getting stronger, two other trades will be closed with extra profit of 50 pips.

Now, trend is not stable and losses happen. Bearing it in mind, we have developed and implemented Floating Break-even system with multiple points of Stop Loss. Break-even is the point of balance between making either a profit or a loss.

Now break-even technique helps to BACK UP YOUR ORDER and TO MAKE EXTRA profit by moving Stop Loss further. Floating Break-even system defines best points for fixing a trade and decides when a Stop Loss needs to be moved. Though, it must be mentioned here, all techniques and approaches are useless if a system can’t define trend. That’s why our Floating Break-even approach has become real only in conjunction with Market Shifts analysis. And that is the KEY INNOVATION of our work.